Maria & Franz

Welcome to Maria & Franz – Your brand for delicious vegetarian products and sustainable innovations. We are passionately committed to revitalizing the deposit system in Belgium to protect the environment and promote a sustainable lifestyle.

 Discover our wide range of tasty and balanced vegetarian dishes, prepared with high-quality, organically grown, and locally sourced ingredients.

 Our reusable packaging is designed to be returned, helping to reduce plastic waste and decrease our ecological footprint.

With every purchase, you support the revitalization of the deposit system in Belgium and contribute to a more sustainable future.

At Maria & Franz, we believe that conscious food choices can have a positive impact on our planet. Our products are not only delicious and healthy but also sustainable and eco-friendly. 

By choosing Maria & Franz, you enjoy not only delicious, eco-friendly products but also become part of a movement that protects our beautiful planet. Together, we can make a difference – one choice at a time.

Maria & Franz – for a better world, one choice at a time.