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After studying economics, Philippe Renson, originally from Liège, and his wife Elvira Schumacher took over the reins of the family business,
and his wife Elvira Schumacher took over the reins of the family company
"Conserverie et Moutarderie Belge". This company, located in Raeren, was founded
by his father-in-law Franz Schumacher in the 1960s. Mustard
was the factory's first product. Thanks to its geographical position, close to
3 borders, the first markets were Holland and Germany.
Today, CMB exports to more than 15 countries. Over the years, the range
product range has expanded steadily over the years, from the production of cold sauces
hot sauces to ready meals.
Alongside distributor brands, the main own brands are : La
délicieuse, Maria & Franz and The Veggie Family. After thirty years at the helm
at the helm, Philippe R has handed over operational, administrative and commercial
to three of his children, all university-educated and quadrilingual.
Thanks to their creativity, Rachel, Laurent and Raphael are exploiting new
such as the production of organic sauces and spreads,
vegetarian and vegan sauces and spreads, distributed through future
such as short distribution channels.
Similarly, as part of its modest contribution to the development of a circular
circular economy, CMB is very keen to make the best possible use of its resources
and to reduce its environmental impact as much as possible through
through new projects currently under study.
The company currently employs 25 people, and with steady annual growth of almost
annual growth of almost 5%, CMB's turnover is expected to reach 9,000,000 euros
in 2021.
This growth means that the company will be moving to a new factory within the next two years.
two years.
Voted Family Business of the Year two years ago by Trends Tendances, we
wish La Conserverie a prosperous future in 2021.

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