The Veggie Family

Welcome to the world of The Veggie Family, a brand dedicated to the creation of delicious organic and vegan spreads, ready meals and crackers. Our mission is to offer you tasty and healthy products, while respecting animals and the planet.​

At The Veggie Family, we believe that eating vegan doesn't mean 
sacrificing taste. That's why we've developed a range of creamy 
spreads, gourmet ready meals and crispy crackers, all made from 
crackers, all made from top-quality organic ingredients. 

Our spreads are rich in flavor and nutrients, ranging from classics to bold combinations. Our ready meals are prepared with care, offering a variety of recipes inspired by cuisines from around the world. And our crackers, crisp and tasty, are perfect for a healthy, satisfying snack.

We are proud to offer products without any ingredients of animal origin, thus respecting animals and supporting a more sustainable way of life. What's more, we're committed to using environmentally-friendly packaging, to reduce our impact on the planet..

Join The Veggie Family and discover a new way of eating, combining gustatory pleasure with respect for the environment. Our products invite you to explore creative and delicious vegan cuisine. Be part of our vegan family and contribute to a better future for all. The Veggie Family, for a healthy and respectful diet.