Welcome at CMB

Conserverie et Moutarderie Belge is a family business founded in 1953 by Maria and Franz Schumacher in Raeren and taken over by Philippe & Elvira Renson in 1983. The family business specialises in the production of mustard, ready meals, sauces, dressings and spreads. The company is one of the last mustard factories in Wallonia. The products are marketed under different brands: our regional brand “Filou”, our typical Belgian range “Jefke The Belgian Chef”, the delicatessen range “La délicieuse”, our organic range “La vache qui regarde passer les trains” and finally our traditional products “Maria & Franz” which are offered in a deposit jar. For some years now, the third generation has joined the company and is bringing a breath of fresh air, especially by developing the organic product range. The current project to build a new factory of 5000 m2 will help CMB to better meet consumer demand.