Flexibility and timeliness

In todays economic environment, resulting in strong competition, we opt for differenciation, a strategy that requires continous flexibility and speed of execution. This gives us a crucial competitive advantage facing big mutinationals. 


The company currently generates a turnover of 7,2 mio € and employs 15 people.


With us, you have a strong partner, with whom you will enjoy a personalized and professional service. It’s our pleasure to offer you the best possible solutions.

Relentlessly flexible

Flexibility is key to our success, as we explore all possible solutions for each requests before giving a specific answer. To meet some of our clients needs, we succeeded in getting certifications for specific markets such as Kosher and Halal.

Thanks to our responsiveness and dynamism we are able to offer a wide range of packaging for our different products, ranging from a 100 ml jar to the 1000 L container.

We market our products under the brands “Filou“, “Jefke“, “La vache qui regarde passer les trains” and “La Délicieuse“,  as well as under private label.

A little bit of history

Founded in the year 1953 by Franz Schumacher under the name “Gloria” later “Filou“, Conserverie et Moutarderie Belge started with mustard products.

In 1983 the company was taken over by the son-in-law and his wife, Philippe and Elvira Renson. From this moment on the family business sees its activities extended to sauces and ready-meals.

The traditional vol-au-vent becomes the real engine of the company which has seen its sales growing from year to year. Several large contracts with supermarkets in Belgium have reinforced this trend. 

Since 2010, the third generation has entered the company which gives a wind of change in this new economic context !

  • Franz & Maria Schumacher 1953
  • Philippe & Elvira Renson 1983
  • Laurent & Raphael Renson 2010
  • Rachel Renson 2017

A guaranteed quality
by respecting standards

Worried about the health and safety of our consumers, we respect the strict rules governing the food sector (HACCP,…).

Indeed, we grant all our attention both on a rigorous control of ingredients and raw materials as well as on a constant quality of the finished product.